Pneumatic Vacuums

Guardair Pneumatic Vacuums offer significant advantages in performance, dependability, safety, and life-cycle cost over conventional electric-powered vacuums. Powered by compressed air, with no moving parts or electric motors to burn out, these powerful, versatile and low-noise vacuums are ideal for the toughest industrial environments.

PowerQUAD™ Standard Pneumatic Vacuums

Powerful, dependable industrial vacuums with no motors to burn out.

PowerQUAD™ Non-Electrical Discharge (NED) Pneumatic Vacuums

Vacuums that suppress static charge build up.

PowerQUAD™ ATEX Certified Pneumatic Vacuums

ATEX certified for use in hazardous locations.

PowerQUAD™ PulseAir™ Pneumatic Vacuums & Dust Extractors

PulseAir™ Vacuums and Dust Extractors are powerful industrial vacuums incorporating a proprietary, button-activated system engineered to clean the vacuum filter without opening the unit. PulseAir™ Dust Extractors are designed for source capture tools.

Hand-Held Pneumatic Vacuums

Convenience & twice the power of standard shop vacuums.

Specialty Vacuum Systems

Wall-mounted and specialized vacuum solutions.