Explore our most popular products that customers love and trust for their reliability and performance. From powerful safety air guns to versatile pneumatic vacuums, our bestsellers are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency. Find the perfect tool for your needs and see why these products are top-rated by professionals.
  • Long John® Safety Air Gun

    Long John® Safety Air Gun

    The perfect tool for cleaning inaccessible and hard-to-reach areas. It's venturi nozzle boosts thrust up to 200% over conventional air guns.

  • Ultra® Safety Air Gun

    Ultra® Safety Air Gun

    Ultra® is the ultimate in air gun performance and comfort. It's venturi nozzle boosts thrust up to 300% over conventional air guns. *CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK*

  • PalmJet® Safety Air Gun

    PalmJet® Safety Air Gun

    The most advanced, thumb-switch style air gun on the market, the PalmJet® features an ergonomic handle and precision volume control.

  • Force 5 F5 Safety Air Gun - 24"

    Force 5® Safety Air Gun

    The most powerful air gun on the planet, the Force 5® is designed for heavy-duty industrial and construction cleaning applications.

  • Inforcer® Safety Air Gun

    Inforcer® Safety Air Gun

    Designed as the "in-line" version of the Force 5®, the Inforcer® excels in heavy-duty cleaning applications.

  • Syphon Spray Gun

    Syphon Spray Gun

    The versatile Syphon Gun is ideal for spraying oils, solvents, insecticides, and coatings. Adjustable nozzle tip controls flow and spray pattern.

  • GunVac Kit

    GunVac - Kit

    Twice the power of a standard shop vacuum in the palm of your hand. GunVac is lightweight and has no electric motors to burn out.

  • PowerQUAD 55 Gallon Vacuum Kit w/ 2" Inlet

    55 Gallon Vacuum Kit

    PowerQUAD™ Vacuums are ideal for vacuuming up chips, dust, debris, liquids, or sludge in industrial and commercial applications.

  • PowerQUAD 55 Gallon NED Vacuum Kit w/ 2" Inlet

    55 Gallon NED Vacuum Kit

    Electrically bonded components, multiple grounding options, and static conductive attachments eliminate static electricity and shocks at the source.

  • PowerQUAD 55 Gallon ATEX Vacuum Kit w/ 1.5" Inlet

    55 Gallon ATEX Vacuum Kit

    ATEX-Certified Vacuums are ideal for vacuuming debris and sludge in hazardous locations. Static conductive attachments are included.

  • Personnel Cleaning Station

    The Personnel Cleaning Station pairs an on-demand air-agitator brush attachment with a high-efficiency pneumatic vacuum

  • OSHA Compliance Safety Kit

    OSHA Compliance Kit

    With this compliance kit, you’ll be well on your way towards meeting OSHA Standards when cleaning with compressed air in your facility.