PowerQUAD™ Venturi System

PowerQUAD™ Pneumatic Vacuum Operation

With no motor or rotating parts to wear out or burn out, PowerQUAD™ Pneumatic Vacuums are powered by compressed air and offer years of dependable, trouble-free operation. Utilizing the "Venturi Effect", they generate exceptional vacuum lift and more vacuum flow than conventional electric-powered vacuums.

Here's how they work:

  • (A) Compressed air from air supply hose
  • (B) Passes through ball valve
  • (C) Into the manifold
  • (D) Through four (4) air injector nozzles
  • (E) Into the first set of four (4) venturi
  • (F) Then through the second set of four (4) venturi
  • (G) Passes by the silencer foam
  • (H) Exits through exhaust housing to atmosphere.
  • (I) Expanding compressed air induces low-pressure
  • (J) Drawing air via the vacuum hose
  • (K) Into vacuum drum
  • (L) Through the internal filter