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Guardair Corporation® Appoints New Director of Global Supply Chain – Mark J. Wysk

Guardair Corporation, the largest U.S. manufacturer of OSHA compliant safety air guns and pneumatic vacuums, is pleased to announce the addition of Mark Wysk as the new Director of Global Supply Chain. Mark brings 30 years of industrial purchasing management experience, including international sourcing, tool industry knowledge, and materials expertise.

In his new role at Guardair, Mark will support manufacturing through innovative sourcing strategies and optimizing cost-saving opportunities in conjunction with annual operating plans. His focus is building and strengthening partnerships providing true strategic relationships. "Mark's expertise in improving productivity, quality and efficiency of supply chain operations is a tremendous asset as we continue to grow" states Tom Tremblay, President of Guardair Corporation. "We are thrilled to have him join our team."

Mark was most recently the Corporate Director of Procurement at Simonds International.  Prior to that, he held the position of Senior Manager of Global Sourcing for Lenox.  Mark holds a MS in Engineering Management and a BS in Mechanical Engineering, both from Western New England College.  He currently serves as the President of the Institute for Supply Management of Western New England and has published articles in Supply Chain World Magazine and Cutting Tool Engineering.

 Guardair Corporation Appoints New Director of Sales – Elizabeth Courtwright

Guardair Corporation, the largest U.S. manufacturer of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliant safety air guns and pneumatic vacuums, is pleased to announce that Elizabeth Courtwright has joined the organization as its new Director of Sales.

Elizabeth brings to Guardair more than 20 years of experience selling in the industrial manufacturing industry. Elizabeth will focus on creating revenue growth through distribution, as well as in direct sales.

“We are very pleased to announce that after an extensive search, Beth Courtwright has accepted the position of Director of Sales at Guardair Corporation,” said Thomas Tremblay, President of Guardair. “Beth comes to us with a wealth of experience in the Industrial MRO space, and specifically within the tool business. Most recently she was the National Sales Manager for Makita USA where she led a nationwide sales team. Her experience working with some of our top distributors will be beneficial to her role here at Guardair, especially with our new products that are rolling out within the next few months.”

Guardair Corporation Appoints New Vertical Market Manager to Sales Department – Craig Schoen

Guardair Corporation, the largest U.S. manufacturer of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliant safety air guns and pneumatic vacuums, is pleased to announce the appointment of Craig Schoen as the new Vertical Market Manager. Craig will manage growth of the AirSpade product line by focusing on the arbor and utility markets. In addition, he will support the Guardair product line within the industrial MRO market.

Craig brings a wealth of experience to Guardair Corporation. Most recently he covered sales as Market Manager for Makita USA in the Northeast Market where he worked with many of the top Electrical and Gas Utility providers. He also worked with Government and Commercial account end-users in the arboriculture industry.

“We’re excited to welcome Craig to the team,” said Beth Courtwright, Director of Sales. “With his vast experience and knowledge of the industry, we’re confident in Craig’s ability to bring the AirSpade product line to new heights. His relationships with some of our top distributors will be instrumental to his role here at Guardair.” 

Introducing an Innovative Solution to an Age-Old Industrial Cleaning Problem

Guardair Corporation introduces the Blind Hole Vacuum to meet the challenge of cleaning out blind holes in metal, wood, and plastic work pieces.

Guardair Corporation, the largest U.S. manufacturer of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliant safety air guns and pneumatic vacuums, has developed an innovative product for cleaning out blind holes in metal, wood, and plastic work pieces.

Designed to safely suck up debris normally trapped in blind holes, the BH 4000 Blind Hole Vacuum provides a thorough and fast cleaning process for busy manufacturing environments. Powered by standard shop compressed air, the unit features a powerful pneumatic vacuum paired with an on-demand, air-agitator that loosens and lifts chips or debris lying deep within blind holes or crevices.

Equipped with a clear-view window that ensures precision positioning for maximum performance, the BH4000 features a 5-foot hose that provides flexible reach. Capable of mounting on any vertical surface, the versatile Blind Hole Vacuum is equipped with a 5.5-gallon, chemical resistant container and a standard air filter.

“Manufacturers know that blind holes create real issues when it comes to safe cleaning practices, since workers are apt to pick up a nearby air gun and blow out the debris without much thought,” says Thomas Tremblay, President of Guardair. “With the Blind Hole Vacuum, we’ve made that process much safer, and easier, for a wide-variety of work environments.”

Guardair Corporation Introduces Radiator Gun for Heavy Equipment Maintenance

Guardair Radiator Gun effectively cleans debris filled radiators thereby preventing engine overheating and lowering heavy equipment maintenance costs.

Guardair Corporation, the largest U.S. manufacturer of safety air guns and pneumatic vacuums, is pleased to offer a new maintenance tool in the Guardair Inforcer line -- the Radiator Gun.

Airborne dust, dirt, trash and debris can be a real problem for heavy equipment and vehicle engines. Cooling systems routinely suck in foreign objects that collect on radiator fins and other surfaces. Ineffective or infrequent cleaning can lead to engine overheating, engine failure, or worse.

 Powered by compressed-air, the Radiator Gun is designed to clean radiators within hard-to-access housings and engine bays on heavy equipment such as bulldozers, front-end loaders, dump trucks, excavators, and farm equipment. Thus, the Radiator Gun is ideal for equipment operating in landfills, quarries, construction sites, waste transfer stations, mining operations and agriculture -- all environments filled with air-suspended, radiator unfriendly debris.

“When engine radiators become clogged and lose their effectiveness, this can lead to significant equipment downtime.” said Thomas Tremblay, President of Guardair Corporation. “With the new Radiator Gun, our goal is to help companies minimize operating costs and engine maintenance costs.”

Featuring a unique, multi-port linear nozzle, the Radiator Gun delivers a powerful, wide-spray pattern of compressed-air to quickly and effectively blast away debris. By incorporating the linear nozzle into the tip of a ½” diameter, 60” heavy-duty stainless steel extension, this configuration provides unparalleled cleaning power and versatility. A rugged, in-line style, thermally insulated handle features a dead-man trigger for safe operation, and an adjustable auxiliary handle provides sure, two-handed control. Compressed-air for the Radiator Gun can be supplied by a 185-cfm tow-behind, or stationary in-plant compressor.

'Air' On The Side Of Caution

Stay Safe With OSHA-Compliant Air Guns Cleaning errant chips and debris off equipment, parts and surfaces using compressed air is an important aspect of industrial housekeeping. But without the proper tools and precautions, cleaning with compressed air can put workers at serious risk of injury — and employers at risk of OSHA citations and penalties.

Powered by compressed air, safety air guns minimize the danger of cleaning equipment in hazardous or hard-to-reach areas. They are ideal for cleaning conveyors, rotating equipment, cutting tools, ovens, electrical equipment and other dangerous machines (even as those machines continue to run), from a safe distance, thereby minimizing the risk of operator injury. In addition, cleaning with compressed air is inherently much faster than – and often a preferable alternative to – using a vacuum. And because today’s advanced safety air guns are designed to be comfortable and ergonomic, they provide hours of fatigue-free operation and boost worker productivity.