Pneumatic Vacuums: Total Cost of Ownership

Pneumatic vacuums are generally known to have higher operating costs than electric vacuums because compressed air is a relatively expensive utility compared to electricity. However, savvy operating professionals know that operating costs are only part of the cost savings picture.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) takes into account both operating costs and the cost of capital equipment over the lifetime of the equipment. Let’s look how PowerQUAD Pneumatic Vacuums measure up to Electric Vacuums on a TCO basis.

TCO Emphasis Table

Electric Vacuums have lower annual operating costs, but over the long run, their LIMITED LIFESPAN results in higher total equipment cost. PowerQUAD Vacuums have higher annual operating costs, but their UNLIMITED LIFESPAN results in a one-time equipment cost.

The table below shows how PowerQUAD Vacuums can demonstrate a favorable TCO vs equivalent Electric Vacuums and how Total Cost Savings grow over time.

TCO Extended Table