Safety Air Guns

Harness the power of compressed air for cleaning! Guardair Safety Air Guns provide exceptional performance, maximize operator comfort, and meet OSHA Standards. Choose from a wide-range of handle styles, extension lengths, and nozzles. Select the optimal model for your application including high thrust, chip fly-back protection, or low noise.

Classic+ Safety Air Guns

Original “classic” design with OSHA-compliant features.

PalmJet Safety Air Guns

Innovation in the palm of your hand.

Ultra Safety Air Guns*

The ultimate in comfort and performance


ThumbSwitch Safety Air Guns

Thumb-actuated, compact design for hard to reach areas.

Lazer Safety Air Guns

Compact design for maximum user comfort.

Big Air Guns

Big and powerful safety air guns for heavy-duty industrial and construction applications.

Specialty Air Guns

Air guns for specialty applications.