Compressed Air Audit

Is your facility wasting expensive compressed air using air guns not properly matched to their applications?

Schedule a visit with a Guardair team member to conduct a plant-wide Compressed Air Audit. Together, we walk your facility, examine workstations that utilize compressed air for cleaning, estimate existing compressed air usage, and project compressed air usage after replacing non-compliant air guns with OSHA compliant safety air guns.

At the conclusion of the visit, Guardair generates an audit report detailing:

  • Workstation specific air gun log
  • Existing annual compressed air usage and cost
  • Projected annual compressed air usage and cost
  • Estimated annual cost savings
  • Payback period for replacement safety air guns

For an initial FREE consultation regarding a Compressed Air Audit email the Guardair Sales Team at:, call 413-594-4400, or fill out the form below. Offer good only within the United States.