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Guardair compressed air-powered vacuums are at work in a wide range of applications including:

"Vacuuming excess product, debris, and water from the inside of railroad tank cars."
Elk Mills, MD

"Clean up cement dust in our cement terminal unloading area."
Holcim US
Albuquerque, NM

"Sucking hydraulic oil out of sumps around injection molding machines."
Marion, OH

"Vacuum paint chips and steel grit on lead abatement jobs."
Junction, TX

"Cleaning paper dust from our printing presses."
North Jersey Media Group
Rockaway, NJ

"Clean up cornmeal and flour from food processing equipment."
New Horizons Baking
Norwalk, OH

"Vacuum liquid spills where electric vacuums present a potential shock hazard."
Hawker Beechcraft Services
Wichita, KS

"Clean up powder coatings in our spray booths."
Amity Technology
Fargo, ND

"Vacuuming magnesium chips and coolant from inside a machining center."
Meridian Lightweight Technologies
Strathroy, ON

"Vacuuming up weld dust, spatter, and slag."
York, PA

"Housekeeping around bark conveying equipment."
Domtar Paper
Bennettsville, SC

"Suck up water, coolant, and oil spills off the plant floor."
Eaton Corporation
Kearney, NE

"Vacuuming out the tight spaces on the F18 Hornet."
US Navy
Lemoore, CA

"Vacuum up debris generated from drilling, countersinking, and sanding composite materials."
Triumph Aerostructures
Dallas, TX

"Sucking out liquids and sludge from the bottom of our pickle line at a depth of 6'-8'."
Peerless Chain
Winona, WI

"Cleaning up fertilizer spills around our railroad loading facility."
Allan, SK

"Sucking up debris, dirt, water, and/or oil from shipboard bilges."
US Navy
San Diego, CA

"Clean up plastic pellets around injection molding machines."
Berry Plastics
Woodstock, IL

"Cleaning up recycle ash and other debris around plant site."
DTE Energy Service
Battle Mountain, NV

"Picking up fiberglass dust following a trimming process."
Holland, MI